Robert Paterson; A bit about me

Welcome to my page!  I live in Hertfordshire, UK, and have been writing fiction for fun since I was 5.  This blog is here so I can share my work with the world and connect with others who are of like mind.
Being a great lover of animals who has spent time riding and looking after horses in the recent past, my first featured stories have been about an impish little pony named Cheesecake.  They are aimed at children of early independent reading age and if published, would have page-by-page illustrations.  I have posted each story, with an illustration, approximately once a month between summer 2012 and autumn 2013.
Now I continue to post other my other written works on this blog, for adult as well as younger readers. These include short stories I have submitted to competitions.
These works are copyrighted to me, so please, no replication of this work without my permission.  Those of you with Twitter may follow me at @FromHerts81.


3 thoughts on “Robert Paterson; A bit about me

    1. rpatersonwriting Post author

      Thank you for the welcome, Marla Jayne! You have a lovely blog, and I’m hoping my future blog will be as eye-catching as yours. These blogs give one the opportunity to spread the word about themselves in whatever way they like. For you it seems to be celebrating special events and talking about family. For me, it’s finding a new audience for my writing. Watch this space; I aim to have a few more stories out by the end of the year.


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