Dexter (a poem)

Written in honour of my colleague’s beloved Goldendoodle!


When company’s there, adoration abounds

For this warmest and most effervescent of hounds.

Two eyes, dark as onyx, will glitter and shine,

As all those who pet him think; “Wish he was mine!”

His coat is luxurious; a rich amber-yellow,

And its curls, seeming coarse, are as soft as marshmallow.

From this ocean of wisps peeps a puce-tawny nose,

While his tail expounds pleasure in strong, carefree throes.

Though I’m told his jaws’ power could shame a hyena,

In a contest of character, cherubs are meaner.

He may not be obsequious, squandering passion,

And welcome your love in a calm, patient fashion,

But although his firm friendship is won cautiously,

I’m hoping that time brings him closer to me.




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