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Happy Holidays from the Reindeer!

I wrote this poem to distribute as a Christmas newsletter.  It’s supposedly written by Santa’s reindeer, who I made into Christmas card and storybook characters in the recent past.

So at last it’s the end of Two Thousand Fifteen!

What’s Robert achieved? What’s he done? Where’s he been?

Well, he started the year at his friend David’s pad,

But soon he’ll have his own place, which isn’t half bad!

At work he got planning a poetry night;

And he’s moved to a new shift; hope that suits him right.

He tried out acting classes, but chose to depart;

Still, he’s joined a board games club and kept up his art.

He’s been writing all year, mostly for competitions,

And he’s joined in a new monthly group in addition.

In the heat of July, though he’s not with Rock Choir,

At his folks’ garden party he pealed out “Ring of Fire”!

He was in Wales in April, taking walks in his wellies;

And hunting for eggs with his littler rellies!

He was in Crete in June, soaking up the Greek sun,

Then Brighton in August, for a big day of fun.

He’s seen a friend wed; Budapest in September,

Then he saw Germany all lit up in December.

But the time that I’m sure he’ll most fondly recall

Is his time rocking with the crowds at Bestival!

As for his Deer Star stories; sadly no-one was buying,

But the nine of us urge him to just keep on trying!

So to bucks, does and fawns, living distant or near,

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!!!