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A Day at the Zoo #5 – The Nocturnal Exhibit

Don’t worry; I will be putting something original on here soon, just as soon as I’ve had a chance to do some editing of one or two stories.  Just for now though, one more entry from this family of short tales.

Entering the nocturnal exhibit means descending a flight of stairs into a Stygian black corridor, where daylight does not penetrate.  Only backlit signs and lettering break up the darkness in between the enclosures.  This is a forbidding and unpredictable realm, where wonder may drift into awe, then then may seep into apprehension or even shatter into terror.

Here, fennec foxes slink nervously from their burrows.  Pale, ghostly cave fish drift around in their tank, lacking eyes due to generations of their kind being cut off from the sun.  Lorises cower behind branches in their enclosure, their wide eyes drinking in the darkness.  Inquisitive brown rats scamper forward to peer back at the humans visiting their enclosure.  The bats, of course, are perfectly at home in the dark, gliding through it as if they flew beneath golden sunshine.


A Day at the Zoo #4 – Zebra

A Mohican horse in pyjamas!

They’re not like the neddies you see down on the farm.  They don’t have to be groomed by a young mistress to look bright and showy.  As they gallop past, stripes flash into a blur along their flanks.  Dark eyes snap within their black markings, almost stripes in themselves.  Their pen isn’t too big, so they can’t run too far.  But a full herd of them at full charge must be a spectacular sight!