Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Day at the Zoo #6 – The Big Cats

This month’s writing output has been slow, so here’s another piece of writing from my trip to London Zoo.  Merry Christmas, fellow bloggers!

Ah, the lion!

He strays away from me, but this beautiful fellow with his golden-tawny mane is as regal as they make out.  His motions are strong and fluid, effortless and awesome.  The two lionesses by his side are the same; matriachs, servants and protectors.  Yet they are, in action and appearance, so like purring tabbies.  They clamber, scamper, bound and pounce, claws flexing and tails swishing.

Then, there’s Mister Tiger.

He’s at rest, but he’s no less striking or as thrillingly dangerous.  Oh, William Blake, how truly you wrote when you described this stunning creature, its fur aglow like a sunset, exuding power.  Another is awake, pacing around as monarch would.  Its teeth are bared, sharp as knives and absolutely deadly.  The eyes are as forbidding as the jungle night and muscles bulge beneath the fur of its mighty neck.