Monthly Archives: November 2017

Sid’s Souvenirs – Flash Fiction

I’d really hoped to post more this month, but circumstances in my personal life took over.  As it is, here’s a flash fiction piece I wrote with my writers’ group.

Four years ago, having saved up for ages, I flew all the way to Australia to dive the Great Barrier Reef. When I was passing through Cairns airport, I saw a novelty pencil with a kangaroo on the end, bouncing around on a spring. I decided it would make a great souvenir, so I bought it.
Three years ago, I was on a business trip to Paris. Passing through the Ile-de-Cité, I saw a souvenir stand selling plaster replicas of Notre Dame. I bought one for my brother Ralph – he loves that sort of thing.
Two years ago, Hettie and I tied the knot. We had our honeymoon in Rio. She loves plushies so I decided to buy her a cuddly toucan at a supermarket counter.
Last Christmas, Hettie and I went round the Kristingle markets in Bavaria. We came back with a wooden nutcracker doll and a porcelain replica of a German townhouse.
Yesterday, I was on Oxford Street and passed a souvenir stand.

UGH! No bloody way am I buying tat like that!